Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Musical Advent Calendar - Here We Go Again


The time is here.

Well, almost. Starting tomorrow, it begins once more.

Ragged Glories, after a year largely defined by inactivity, will crank into life to bring you the second edition of the Musical Advent Calendar.

Our original panel of 10 has returned to guide you through their favourite albums of 2010.

It hasn't been an easy task, with a split between some who regard this as a vintage year, and those who consider it largely a waste of time. For my own part, I'll say its a year with plenty of good albums, but short on great ones.

The results are a varied selection, though I'll admit I was surprised to see that the overall number of albums nominated - 158 - was hardly any more than the 156 from last year. When actually going through everyone's lists, it certainly feels like there's a lot less consensus.

That is what you will see over the next 24 days as we wheel out the calendar, with the promise of an overall top 10 to follow on Christmas Day itself. Beats a daily chocolate, no?

Find out, starting tomorrow.