Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Coming Down

A Sunday morning selection here - perfect for a long, lazy lie in bed. The seven songs I went for are heavy on the plaintive strings, bright acoustic guitars and double-tracked vocals; a couple even build to a climax, gathering momentum like a helpless snoozer working towards getting out of bed.

We begin with two gorgeous and unlikely covers: Petra Jean Phillipson brings a much needed woman's touch to Nick Cave's Into My Arms, while Tindersticks dismantle a minor disco classic from Odyssey. They are both followed by folk gems, jazzy detours and Bon Iver's sublime Re:Stacks, but hopefully the mood is already set. Pull back the curtains, crack open the alka seltzer and enjoy.

Petra Jean Phillipson - "Into My Arms" (Notes On Love, 2005)

Tindersticks - "If You're Looking For A Way Out" (Simple Pleasure, 1999)

The Cinematic Orchestra - "That Home" (Ma Fleur, 2007)

Gemma Hayes - "A New Day" (Work To A Calm EP, 2001)

Tunng - "Man In The Box" (Comments Of The Inner Chorus, 2006)

Terry Callier - "Trance On Sedgwick Street" (Occasional Rain, 1972)

Bon Iver - "Re: Stacks" (For Emma, Forever Ago, 2008)

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