Thursday, October 01, 2009

When The Trees Are Stripped Bare

Summer may end in August, but it never really feels like autumn begins until October.

Check your calendars. Welcome to the autumn. Looking out of the window, I'm seeing a tree of green leaves and thinking maybe it's not hit full stride just yet, but we all know what is coming. It's a sleepy time of year; hibernation begins, the nights start to close in, and the buzz of wildlife slows to a quiet hum.

So we mark this changing of the seasons with a melancholy set of songs. The greens of summer are changing to the browns of autumn, and our landscape adopts another kind of beauty. These songs seem to capture the mood.

The Be Good Tanyas - Scattered Leaves (Hello Love, 2006)

Lambchop - Autumn's Vicar (Is A Woman, 2002)

The Small Faces - The Autumn Stone (The Autumn Stone, 1969)

Willy Mason - When The Leaves Have Fallen (If The Ocean Gets Rough, 2007)

U2 - October (October, 1981)

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